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I've been expressing myself through photography for over 13 years, with an emphasis on all things automotive. A lifetime of watching and attending motorsports events lends my images the look and feel of a true fan.


I have photographed almost every form of motorsport, from vintage, MotoAmerica, IndyCar, and the Pirelli World Challenge to IMSA, NASCAR, MotoGP and F1. My images have appeared on the website, and I'm a senior correspondent for Victory Lane magazine.


I also have experience in shooting live performances. As a musician, I bring a knowing eye to the act of capturing performance moments that others might miss. When not at the track or at the edge of a stage, I enjoy capturing images of wildlife and nature.


As you can see, I'm not limited to just those three disciplines. Whether it's action sports, a scenic vista, or social events, I can provide quality support images for any story or article. My pictures have appeared in the Milwaukee Alcoholmanac magazine and Info magazine of Milwaukee.


While I utilize post-processing for simple adjustments, I prefer to keep my images as "pure" as possible. However, when more aggressive post-processing is desired, I can satisfy those needs

as well.


Pete Gorski


I offer competitive, flexible pricing based on the needs of your specific project.

Tel: 414-581-0594

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